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MARA 2018 Spring Challenge Softball Selections
Spring 2018 MARA Softball Challenge Team Selections Congratulations...
Spring 2018 MARA Softball
​Spring 2018 Recreational Softball Open Practices As the weather...
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Field Maintenance
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MARA 2018 Spring Challenge Softball Selections

Spring 2018 MARA Softball Challenge Team Selections

Congratulations to the following girls who were selected for the Spring 2018 MARA Softball Challenge teams.  The tournaments will at one of the Char-Meck Softball Association fields with locations and dates still to be announced.

8U Challenge Team (Head Coach Chang Zeng):

  • Camryn O’Connor
  • Emelia Zeng
  • Neveah Espaillat
  • Mikayla Hoiby
  • Prudence Hammond
  • Phoebe Keller
  • Parker Lamb
  • Elyse Ficker
  • Jenna Volturno
  • Addison Miles
  • Aubrey Holliday
  • Claire Painter

10U Challenge Team (Head Coach James Oger):

  • Hannah Lafrance
  • Sadie Hutchins
  • Mikayla Oger
  • Sofia Tristan
  • Caitlan Fowler
  • Kathryn Wilson
  • Peyton Lewter
  • Casey Tomljanovic
  • Alexandria Senn

13U Challenge Team – Blue Mustangs (Head Coach Scott Casey):

  • Rachel Lewis
  • Erin Casey
  • Grace Dillman
  • Ashlyn Berger
  • Sophia Fayed
  • Gabi Gagnon
  • Addison Ficker
  • Dakota Brides
  • Spencer Pickens

13U Challenge Team – Orange Mustangs (Head Coach Sabrina Corra-Reynolds):

  • Blythe Phillips
  • Olive Hamilton
  • Lola Pettit
  • Sydney Reynolds
  • Madeline Matteo
  • Caroline Ronek
  • Sofia Diaz
  • Saylor Hunt
  • Cierra Senn

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Spring 2018 MARA Softball

Spring 2018 Recreational Softball Open Practices

As the weather warms up, MARA will be holding 3 (weather permitting) open practices for players 8U and above. These practices are held to give the girls an opportunity to get back out on the field and get some reps in prior to assessments and the start of the season. Practices will be for fun and minor conditioning. They will also get an opportunity to get to know some of the returning coaches. 

Email announcements for the open practices will be sent 3-5 days prior to the practice. Please check back often for the practice announcements. 

Open Practice Dates: 

1. Practice 1 - Saturday, January 20th from 3PM to 5PM. 

2. Practice 2 - On MARA Field 4

8U - Saturday, February 3 from 12 PM to 2 PM

10U - Friday, February 2 from 6 PM to 7:30 PM  

13U - Saturday, February 3 from 2 PM to 4 PM

3. Practice 3 - TBD


Spring 2018 Recreational Softball Program 

The Fall 2017 recreational softball season came to a successful conclusion in late October for over 150 girls playing MARA Softball at the 6u, 8u, 10u, and 13u levels.  MARA teams advanced to the Char-Meck Softball championship games in both 10u and 13u.  More importantly, however, all the MARA teams exhibited the positive attitude and sportsmanship that is the cornerstone of MARA Softball.  Registration for the Spring 2018 softball season is now open. Assessments and practices are scheduled for mid-February.  The tentative schedule is shown below:

Tentative Spring 2018 Softball Schedule (all dates subject to change):

12/15/2017  - Online registration opens.

2/15/2018 - Online registration closes for 8u and above (NOTE - some levels may close before this date)

2/17/2018 - Assessments for 8u and above

2/21/2018 - Practices begin for 8u and above

3/8/2018 - Registration closes for 6u (T-ball) Softball

3/10/2018 - Practices begin for 6u (T-ball) Softball

3/14/2018 - Coaches Meeting/Game schedule released by Char-Meck Softball (at www.charmecksoftball.org) for 8u and above

3/17/2018 - Games begin for 8u and above (12-game schedule)

3/29/2018 - 4/8/2018 - CMS/UCPS Spring Break

4/13/2018 - Games begin for 6u Softball

5/12/2018 - Start of (Double-Elimination End) of Season (EOS) Tournament for 8u and above

6/03/2018 - EOS Tournament Championship Games (no games over Memorial Day Weekend)

If you have any questions, please contact the MARA Softball Commissioner at .  


The 2018 MARA Softball staff:

Commissioner Chang Zeng:    704-941-0483

Past Commissioner Paul Sullivan:    704-591-2990

Assoc. Comm./Field Coordinator Melissa Williams: 

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Map Of Mara Fields

by posted 12/03/2017
Field Maintenance

Baseball and Softball Field Maintenance
Weather Line 704-847-0752 Select Option # 2

Or Follow us on twitter @marasports



  • Check MARA Website of Call Weather Line to determine if fields are open.
  • DO NOT practice or play on a field with standing water.
  • DO NOT remove wet dirt from the mound, home plate or baseline.
  • Please do all warm up exercises in the outfield, but DO NOT have players stand on painted outfield lines.
  • DO NOT use the fences for soft toss, pepper or to throw against.
  • Please try to rotate dugouts used for practice!!!!!
Post Game Maintenance




  • Rake and level home plate area…fill and tamp holes with rake.
  • Rake and level pitcher’s mound and bullpen…fill and tamp with rake.Rubber and pitching landing area, and then wet the mound thoroughly (fields 1, 12, 13 and Babe Ruth)
  • Rake and level around all bases-DO NOT rakedirt into grass area.
  • Broom drag infield dirt. DO NOTdrag dirt into grass area. (keep broom on the dirt)
  • DO NOTdrag the brooms down the baselines on fields 1, 12, 13.
  • DO NOT allow players to practice swing in grass in front of dugouts (keep players in the gravel areas)
  • Clean dugouts areas – throw all trash and litter into trash cans.
  • Turn off the field lights (after the game)
  • Notify Commissioners of your league of any problems.
Please remember that any failure to properly take care of the fields can affect other players and coaches the next day. Help keep this facility in good shape for all users. 




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